Things Good Readers Do Before, During, and After Reading
Look at the cover of the book. What do you see?

•Can you make a prediction about the story using the pictures on the cover?

•Look at the title of the story. Does the title tell you anything else you might need to know? Do you need to change your prediction?

•What do you already know about those pictures/words in the title or on the cover? Do they remind you of anything?

•Look at the author and illustrator. What does the author do? The illustrator?

•Have you read a book by this author before?

•Can you find the title page? What does the title page tell you?

As you are reading, tell what has happened so far.

•What do you think will happen next?

•Do you have any questions about the story?

•Are you wondering anything?

•Do you have a connection? Do you have a connection to what you are reading?

•Are there any words you don’t understand?

•Have you answered any of your questions so far?

•Can you check your prediction yet?

•Does the story make sense? Should you go back and re-read something?

•Was your prediction right?

•What do you think this story was mostly about?

•Did you like the story?

•Did you answer any of your questions?

•Are there still things you wonder?

•Who were the characters in the story?

•What was the setting of the story?

•Are there any words in the book you didn’t understand?

•Have you ever read a book like this before?

•Would you ever want to read this book again?

•What happened at the beginning of the story? In the middle? At the end?